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AES prides itself offering a premium service and product at very competitive pricing.

  • We offer a quick turn around with no minimum order quantity!
  • From one-off special order's to Football and Sports teams, Local Company's, Restaurant, Bar and Health and Fitness Gyms.

Our 15 needle industrial machines run continuously throughout the day producing impressive, complex designs of impeccable quality.

Our vibrant array of threads make the badges standout on any material.

  • The speed of the machines allows us to embroider the smallest and most delicate of designs all the way up to large designs.

We embroider such items as clothing;

  • waterproof jackets, bags, towels, football boots, karate belts, silk bibs, caps, wool garments, horse blankets etc.

Where ever possible we will try to avoid a design set up fee.

  • Simple text logos are free of charge.
  • Complex logos may require digitising.  For this process, there would be a one-off set up fee of £10.
  • Your design can then be held on our system for any of your future orders.
  • Any editing of design thereafter is free of charge.


Let us help you promote your business through the use of personalised clothing.

Contact us today for a free design consultation.

To Find out what we can do for you ring 01670 810 322



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Ashington Embroidery Services Embroidery

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